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Red NotebookI wish I could say that I read La Femme au Carnet Rouge in the original French edition that was published last year but that is just a dream. Once again I owe thanks to Sheila of Dulwich Books for lending her review copy with a hefty recommendation.
I was a bit reluctant since the central character is a bookseller and I wondered if that coloured her assessment. Indeed I started the novel once and put it down, thinking I would leave it. Then, last night around 10pm I started it again and laid it down two hours later as a very satisfied reader. Barely 160 pages long, it is a gem, albeit a bijou one. One is instantly sympathetic to just about all the books’ characters and even thought the plot is modest, you really want to find out how it all turns out for them.
Says Peter McKay

Sheila says:
Laurain describes a typical day in a bookshop to a tee. He sas a simple writing style describing situations and scenes in perfect detail allowing you to bring the image into your head. Patrick Modiano makes an appearance and you are made believe that the encounter really did happen.

I know Philip will also have something to tell you about the book because he read it recently and also loved it.

Gallic Press/9781908313867/£8.99