second lifeThe author of Before I Go To Sleep brings us his second book and again hits the top spot with a gripping psychological thriller set in London and Paris. When her younger sister Kate is murdered in an alleyway in Paris, Julia’s life takes a dramatic turn when she pursues the killer herself and she risks everything that is dear to her.

Julia takes on her sister’s personae as she begins online dating and engaging with social media and meeting Lukas and embarking on an affair that takes a sinister turn. Watson has a wonderful style of building up the tension as the story progresses with scenes such as Julia’s flashbacks to her early life of drugs in Berlin coming into play, which you know must be vital but you cannot work out why.

You never quite know who to believe because you are drip fed little background information on each character just when you have grown to trust them.

The intensity does drop slightly towards the later stages until the chase builds up to a dramatic conclusion in Paris. This is a classic page turner that I stayed in on a Saturday night to finish and it does not disappoint.

Sheila O’Reilly