life i left behindEveryone tells her she’s a survivor. No-one knows she’s dead inside. She’s dead but she’s the only one who knows what really happened; What your friends have said. What the police missed. Who attacked you. So if you want the truth who else are you going to turn to?
And so is the tale in The Life I Left Behind.

Each chapter is told from the viewpoint of one of the key people in this gripping thriller. DI Rutter, Melody, who survived a murder attempt 6 years ago and Eve who has just been murdered. McBeth uses the three voices to brilliantly build up the story and then raise the tension as the story reaches its climax. She has great skill in changing her writing style from the slightly aggressive Eve, to the nervy Mel or the determined DI Rutter and she captures the differences in the character very well..

It takes skill to write a story where the murder has already taken place and for the reader to be gripped and McBeth achieves this with aplomb. This is a crime novel that does not disappoint.

Sheila O’Reilly