The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman
is a strange yet wonderful tale of obsession reminiscent of Haruki Murakami and Jean Giono that sucks you into the melancholy and monotonous world of a postman with a questionable hobby.

Bilodo’s life is routine, his daily challenge is the 1495 steps he has to conquer along the 115 staircases leading to the houses that line Beech Street on his postal round. However when he is not partaking in his Olympian feat of climbing stairs or ignoring his obnoxious chauvinistic friend, Robert, he engages in his downright bizarre hobby of taking letters home and reading them before posting them a day late. It is here he becomes infatuated by a teacher named Ségolène who communicates via haiku with master poet, Gaston. As Bilodo’s fixation with Ségolène grows from afar, a cruel twist of fate offers him the opportunity to step into the correspondence rather than voyeuristically eaves dropping.

Reviewed by Dave

Hesperus Press Ltd/ Paperback/ £7.99