Priscilla by Nicholas Shakespeare I found this a thoroughly engaging and well written biography by the nephew of Priscilla. In this biography Shakespeare he writes about the astonishing true story of a young woman’s adventures, and misadventures, in the dangerous world of Nazi-occupied France. For Priscilla, pre-war Paris was an exciting carousel of suitors, soirees and heartbreak, and eventually a lavish wedding to a French aristocrat. But the arrival of the Nazi tanks signalled the end of life as a Vicomtesse, and the beginning of a precarious existence under German Occupation. I think he writes in a very fair way considering this is his aunt and alas she does not come out in a very good light. However that’s easy to say as life in occupied Paris at the end of the war is impossible for us to imagine and therefore to judge. Shakespeare brings to life a period in WWII which is sometimes overlook and add a personal viewpoint to this time in history.

Sheila O’Reilly
Vintage Books/9780099555667/£8.99