the-farm I’ll confess now that I am fan of Tom Rob Smith’s writing and have been waiting some time for a new thriller and oh boy he did not disappoint me. This is a contemporary thriller and written in a brilliant style that makes you think not a lot is happening but you are still feeling scared. And this feeling increases as the story builds.
The story opens with Daniel who is living in London with his partner, Mark and yet to share this fact with his parents, who have now relocated to his mother’s birth place of Sweden. When his mother turns up at his flat and begins to recount what has happened to her the real adventure begins. You almost feel like a bystander in his kitchen as his mother shares her story with him.
The story is told from the viewpoint of the son and Tom Rob Smith gets this angle brilliantly and describes how the comfort of parental love is blown apart. A standalone thriller from the author of Child 44 that is currently the best selling crime novel of 2014 and rightly so.

Simon & Schuster/Hardback/£12.99/9781847375698