The Night Guest by Fiona McFarlane

Night GuestSet in New South Wales this is a creepy, psychological thriller which will make you think about how vulnerable we are, particularly as we get older. It’s the story of an elderly widow, Ruth, living alone in a coastal holiday house following her husband’s death. Her two sons have their own lives, in distant cities and she slowly descends into dementia beginning with her belief that a tiger is living in her house which coincides with Frida coming to help her and move in with her. Frida is efficient and helpful, and willing to listen to Ruth’s stories about her childhood in Fiji and the man she fell for there. But why does Ruth hear a tiger prowling through the house at night? How far can Ruth trust this enigmatic woman? And how far can she trust herself? You’ll have a shiver as you read this wonderfully written debut novel. This hypnotic tale soars above its own suspense to tell us, with exceptional grace and beauty, about ageing, love, dependence, fear and power, and about the mysterious workings of the mind.
The book also benefits from a truly stunning jacket which will make it stand out on the bookshelves and I have been recommending this book to other independent bookshops for stocking.
ISBN: 9781444776676 Sceptre £14.99
Sheila O’Reilly