last kings sarkA stunning début novel about complicated love, only children and missed opportunities, from an extraordinary new writer which I thoroughly enjoyed. Readers often embark on a voyage of discovery with debut novels however with The Last Kings of Sark you don’t have to worry.

Jude is twenty-one when she flies in a private plane to Sark, a tiny carless Channel Island and the last place in Europe to abolish feudalism. She has been hired for the summer to give tuition to a rich local boy called Pip. But when she arrives, the family is unsettling- Pip is awkward, over-literal, and adamant he doesn’t need a tutor, and upstairs, his enigmatic mother Esme casts a shadow over the house.

Rosa does not let you down in this beautifully written although sometimes sad story and with engaging characters this is a tale of adventure and love.

Sheila O’Reilly