Ten year-old August is going to school for the first time. Up to now he has been home-schooled while he goes through a series of gruelling operations to make his face more ‘normal’. How will the other pupils react to his unusual appearance?

Auggie’s own account of how he gets on at Beecher Prep is interspersed with different voices – his sister Via, various pupils at Beecher Prep, then finally back to Auggie – a device that can interrupt the flow of a story, but that in Wonder works really well. We get more and more involved with the characters, whose voices without exception ring true.

I was first made aware of this book when several customers recommended it to me. That’s what it’s like in an independent bookshop. We talk about books. Sales of this book were generated by word of mouth, and this is why this book thoroughly deserves to be the Independent Booksellers Children’s Book of the Year 2013.


Age 9 plus


Corgi Books  /  Paperback / £6.99 / 9780552565974


Annie Horwood