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9780857867964 A Tale For The Time Being

A Tale for the Time Being

Ruth Ozeki

“The intimacy of not knowing” is a key phrase adapted from Ruth Ozeki’s novel, A Tale for the Time Being. Both this Zen concept and the novel explain our relationship to the universe and each other through Japanese teenager Nao’s moving diary which is washed up on writer Ruth’s beach on the Pacific north coast of the USA. Nao, who is a self-declared “Time Being” tells her story of the difficult challenges in her life and her relationship with her 104 year old great-grandmother, a Zen Nun. Ruth Ozeki’s poetic prose and search for the identity of Nao mixes fact and fiction and “keeps all the worlds alive” helping both our understanding of ourselves and also, oddly enough, our understanding of Quantum Mechanics.

Canongate 9780857867971 £7.99

Philip Maltman