Andalucian FriendThis is the first of a Swedish trilogy but let’s not make any comparisons as it is such a brilliant thriller that is will stand alone without mentioning Millennium in the same sentence.
With an electrifying opening this is a fast paced thriller that takes you around Europe as we follow Sophie, a nurse and single Mum, who unexpectedly gets caught up in a gang war involving guns, drugs and blackmail.
As the plot develops you are never quite sure who are the good guys and who are the criminals and in particular the police team carrying out surveillance of the gangs seem to play a bit outside the rules. You do need to keep your wits about you and follow all the characters as the plots moves between each thread and the moment you’ve made your mind up about one, something else happens.
Of course being the first of the trilogy, the reader is therefore only a third of the way through the story and I can see that the story is really only developing in this book. Can’t wait for the second book in this exciting trilogy.
Vintage/ 9781846556821/£12.99
Sheila O’Reilly