Norwegian by NightIt is my view that this crime novel set in Norway featuring as its lead, an eighty-two year old recently widowed, ex-Marine, Jewish man is going to be one of the bestselling novels of 2013!
And it’s easy to see why because from the first chapter you are gripped by the storyline and are pulled in Sheldon’s life as he mulled about lost, love and friendships. The murder is committed outside his new home in Oslo by Balkans criminals and he saves the woman’s son before making an escape from them. Thus begins a chase across Norway by the murderers, police and his granddaughter & son-in-law ending at their summer home.
This was a brilliant read which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is much more than a crime novel, Sheldon questions how society deal with older people, covers the Korean and Vietnam wars as well as anti-Semitism in the world and how in this case Norway deals and integrates immigrates.
In a strange way the murder and chase tick along in the background, in an underlining tense sort of way and you can only love Sheldon as he tries to save the boy and reflects on his life so far. Super, Super novel can only say “read it”.
Faber & Farber/ 9780571294251/£12.99
Sheila O’Reilly