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Trying to pin down the plot, themes or even tone of this graphic novel is a task which strays close to impossible. The Incal is the combined efforts of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius (Illustrator), both of whom have a large cult following and are well respected in their professional spheres. Their skills are easily proved in this hefty space epic; if any lesser writers/artists took up the mantle of an intergalactic odyssey with unrelatable characters, confusing plot lines and unfinished endings, the final result would be a catastrophic unenjoyable mess. However this outcome is avoided, and instead the comic manages to combine all the best parts of sci fi graphic novels throug the ages, regardless of the fact that they should not fit together. Even by the end of the book, trying to judge it as serious or ridiculous remains a challenge.

As is with all graphic novels, it is the artwork which proves to be essential for the reader’s enjoyment. In this case Moebius outdoes himself. Turning the page soon becomes a real excitement due to his wonderful psychedelic artwork. Despite, or because of the confused frenzy of this narrative, the illustrations work fantastically, making this a modern indie masterpiece.

Lorna Fleming