“Let me tell you what I have done since I left you” Bruno says to Elena in one of the five stories in this new novel from Sebastian Faulks. When people leave our lives we fill that gap no matter how much we loved them or miss them: but when or if they return, can they get back into our lives, can life be the same again?
We ask ourselves, could we have done something different to change the course of life, made sure they didn’t leave us, are we in control of our destiny or would this happen anyway? All these are questions raised in A Possible Life.

With wonderful writing, particularly when writing about Geoffrey and Anya, Faulks raises some uncomfortable questions for the readers. In Geoffrey’s story a decade passes with ease just like in life and in Anya’s story there is a brilliant passage of how a man can be fooled by love or possibly lust. A sometimes disturbing novel, Faulks explores the characters in what is effectively the story of five different lives stretching over centuries. He questions who is living our lives, do we have control over our destiny, is it better to have loved and lost then never to have loved. OK, so I am a fan of his writing, but this is a brilliant and clever novel.


Sheila O’Reilly