Atmospheric debut novel from a Canadian author with fantastic descriptions of the Alaskan landscape so much so that you can nearly feel the cold coming off the pages.

Moving from a warm and loving environment to a cold and inhospitable land in Alaska in the 1920s is either mad or brave, but that’s what Mabel and Jack did much to the surprise of their families.  Having lost a child they were still grieving when they arrived on their land without much of a plan for survival.

So when a child appears at their door, seemingly out of nowhere, they “adopt” her and love her like the daughter they never had. But all is not what it seems, and they find that life does not turn out how they thought and that you cannot control the people you love or make them love you, even if that’s what you wish for so much.

A beautifully written novel that pulls you into their life and relationship. You are rooting for them as they try to build a life and make a go of it in this unforgiving land. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, really liked the characters and felt part of their life.

Sheila O’Reilly
Headline 9780755380534 £7.99