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The Goon is an outrageous graphic novel with a huge underground following, and it is easy to see why. To begin with, its artwork; the figures and settings are block structured (making every character easily identifiable) but the colours used are simply incredible. The chiaroscuro effects highlight the film noir elements, and the great contrast of bright tones captures the fun elements of the story. The Goon neatly overcomes the modern comic book pit-fall of over grittiness by never taking itself too seriously. Even when cowboy heroes are eaten by zombies or jewel thieves are captured by inbred ghosts, the book still maintains its tongue in cheek humour. The novel is unconventional in nearly every way; including post modern acknowledgements from the characters that they are fictional. Think of this book as a noir crime drama with miscast roles; a superhero as the protagonist, the “goodies” as freakishly unattractive thugs, and the villains as monsters who look like they fell out of a grind house horror film.

Dark Horse/paperback/£12.99/9781595826244

Lorna Fleming