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Despite being a well-known figure in the comic book world, this is the first ever Batwoman graphic novel – it was published only in 2009. (Previously she has only ever co-starred in other DC comics.) This is not the only innovative feature of the book, as Batwoman herself is one of the most prominent gay comic book characters around, making this an already significant addition to the comic world. The story of Elegy is fantastically told; switching effortlessly from past to present, without becoming overly confusing. We learn about Batwoman’s past before she donned the iconic bat symbol, while also following her pursuit of the Alice in Wonderland themed villain causing chaos in Gotham. One of the defining features of the book is the drawing style; when the story is focussing on past events the illustration takes on the old style of traditional comic books. This provides a stark contrast to the present events of the book, where a more modern style of artwork is used, the scenes being more detailed and of a higher & more defined quality. A beautifully told story, with magnificent artwork.

Titan Books/paperback/£14.99/9780857684295

Lorna Fleming