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Martin Gayford writes, On Sitting for a Portrait by Lucian Freud, that “There is an element of sheer endurance about these sittings….LF and I  are roped together and I am willing him on.” But this is such a beautifully written and produced book that I could only wish that it would have gone on and on and that I would have been there. (Strangely enough I passed Freud on the street often enough – but he never asked!)

Martin Gayford is a very satisfying writer on Art and in this project, a priviliged individual, as is anyone else who shared a studio and a meal or two with Lucian Freud over the years.  A bit like sharing a cigar and a brandy with Winston Churchill, or a glass of chilled Fendant de Sion with James Joyce. To read and own this book is also a privilige.

Thames & Hudson/paperback/£12.95/9780500289716

Philip Maltman